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We’ll help you create the perfect fit

View will help you implement dynamic glass including energy modeling and economics, and we can also connect you with customers who can share their installation experiences.

Energy Modeling

Obtain energy analysis on your project

View can provide custom energy modeling analysis to show how much energy your project can save per year for your specific climate. Our team is proficient in multiple building energy analysis software tools. We can also help your engineers incorporate dynamic glazing in your existing model to validate the savings yourselves.

Bid Process

Reduce change orders and minimize cost

Our experienced team will facilitate an accurate bid, thereby reducing change orders and minimizing potential cost overruns. View will provide guidance on key design decisions and help assure a quality installation.

Construction Drawings

A diligent review for maximum efficiency

View provides network architecture and cabling drawings, with final dimensions and complete bill of materials. We’ll review your own shop drawings, as well, to ensure you haven’t missed a critical pathway.


Fast, trouble free and quality assured

View provides training on glass and intelligence installation and will be with you every step of the way. Your assigned field project manager will handle all aspects of onsite troubleshooting and support. Our unique tools for testing dynamic glass and intelligence create a high-performance installation.


Custom tailored automation and control

The intelligence programming process is tailored to the individual needs and factors in nearby workspaces, glare control and much more. You pick the program, select the zones, and View will program the system and provide training for use.


Test and fine-tune system configuration

For the full length of your commissioning phase, we will fine-tune the system until we get it right. If space needs change, or zones need expanding, we’ll be there to facilitate the comfort and technical brilliance of View Dynamic Glass.

Customer Success

Relentless commitment to quality

View will come back out to your project to address any training needs, intelligence changes, or any issues that arise post-installation. Your dedicated project team member will take full ownership of any ongoing support.

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